Hot Plate!

Swanky's friend: Did you watch "Samantha Who?" on Monday? The last 3 minutes of Monday's episode...priceless. An interesting analogy...but completely made sense. It was a lot like the end of Greys, when Meredith is summing up the life lesson of the day and it just hits was definitely like that.

NO, I didn't. But, please, do tell.

Swanky's friend: It's all about the exhilaration you experience when you think you like someone, but then you realize that they aren’t the person that will be sitting next to you in the end. Here it is…

"You know that thing about touching the plate after the waiter tells you it's hot? The most exciting time is that moment right before you touch it. After that, you're just an idiot sitting in a restaurant with a burnt finger. The truth is, as one who's had my share of meals, it's a lot more fun when you're not in pain."

Knowing the guys we've both dealt with in the last year, it totally makes sense.

Swanky: SO much sense. Well, hopefully, I've touched my last hot plate. ;)


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