Why don't we start calling them ... "Words of ... Wisdom?"

Why not, you feel smarter now, don't you? :)
(Yep, I'm changing these little weekly quote round-ups to that. If anything, we all sound smarter. :) Haaaaaa.

"I didn't know that intestines were that big... and long."
"Yeah! They are, like, twenty feet long."
"Not HERS, they are probably the length and width of a sippy straw."

"We need a St. Bernard like we both need a raging case of herpes."

"He needs to learn how to treat people. Must have missed that lesson a few times in grade school. Funny how they "get" the "how to drop off the face of the earth" lesson but not so much the "do unto others" lesson."

"You better drink yourself a big glass of patience before you go."
"Ha. Patience? I don't have that in my refrigerator."

"Could you please not bring his name up while we are trying to have dinner. It causes me to lose my appetite I feel the need to throw-up a little bit."

"She's having a Spring Thaw party."
"What's a spring-thaw? Is that a meat thawing party?"

"I'm not as outdoorsy as I used to be."
"Ooooooh. Do you have a "lady friend"?"
"Let's just say I'm pursuing other interests and activities than hiking."

"I like him as much as I like Spencer. When I see him, I suddenly get the urge to punch him in the face like I do every Monday night when I watch The Hills. We should add Douchebag to the dictionary and paste his picture and Spencer right next to each other."

(We've been pretty good at keeping up with these, but I missed A LOT being on the road this week. So, it's all I got for now ... gals, if you have any good ones email me!)


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