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"Tot's Tees"
Charlotte Magazine, January Issue, Life/Style

Jennifer Pedersen thought she was simply making a gift for her newborn niece when she created a cute baby tee that said "This girl? A dash of sugar and a lot of spice." What she didn't know was that a year later she'd be designing an entire collection of cute yet quippy baby Tees (example: "If it's too loud, you're too old") called Evans Says, after her maiden name. "Babies and kids now have far more personality than some of the clothes available," says Pedersen. "I wanted something sassy, not tacky, with a creative edge." Pedersen's background in marketing coupled with her own fashion style have proven to be the right mix. Evans Says now offers twenty styles for $20 each for boys and girls in sizes 3-6 months to 6T.

Evans Says, 817-300-2109,
Photograph by Chris Edwards


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