I'm just sayin' ...

This weeks quotables ... spoken by none other than yours truly and friends. :)
(Our wittyness just oozes, and we've started taking notes ... scaaaaary.)

"I don't remember the freezing part but I definitely remember the vodka part."

"I don't use the words boyfriend or relationship ... for fear that I'll be struck by lightening."

"You live exactly 1.43 miles from me Meliss, I'm sorry, but that's just too far. Do you think you could just meet me there?"

"We're at this big outdoor gathering. Can I call you later?"

"Chapter 59. NICE. Isn't that a good change? It's called normal."

"I love how we have completely shit on your notion of "being serious". How long did that last, 5...maybe 6 minutes? before your smart ass friends had to come in and ruin it?"

"Just when you thought a g-chat was off the record."

"Normal men. Please, I don't know what to do with them. Sketchballs? Douchebags? Oh yeah, I could write the book."

"I could have my people call his people. Which are probably the same people so that wouldn't work"

"Its too gross outside for the gym. You dont want to catch a cold walking outside all sweaty."

"Your brain is only operating on a step by step basis."


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