Just Say No to your Nalgene ...

And what that little triangle with the number in it really means.

An interesting segment on the Today show this morning.
Nalgene bottles are a 7, and that's not good news, friends.
(Okay, and I know it comes up with something about vertically challenged men and love (thanks B-Hair) ... uh, look around the page ppl, and click on "Are plastic bottles safe?")

Well, this stinks. I'm a bottled water SNOB. Fiji is my go to form of refreshment and rehydration. So, apparently the water is fine, the container it is in, is not. Go figure. All the more reason to drink other things? :)

Apparently, J, agrees. "Did you hear that leaving bottled water in your car releases the same thing? Ugh...that's why I don't drink water, it's not safe. :) Just drink alcohol, it kills anything bad."

See, Swanky can be serious sometimes too. :) And lately, when it comes to the environment and my health (you may all insert your own ha-ha-I'm-so-funny joke about Swanky's age here) I'm learning to listen up. (Well, at least I was attempting to be serious, then my wiseass friends had to jump in ... )


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