Chapter Thirtyfourteenkazillion ...

Haaaaaaaa. Okay, we've been jokingly talking about it for months now ... and the time has come that we stop talking about it and doing it. My dear friend, J, and I, will be writing the best book of all time.

We've already come up with some of our witty and cynical chapter titles and content based on the recent (heck, even past) experiences the two of us have encountered. And, ladies, when we're finished, you're gonna THANK us.

Just for fun ... some of the chapter titles we've thrown out there.

12. Easy like Sunday Morning

20. Clamshell conversations

35. Dating and Basketball.
It's all one big game. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And you might just get a free throw in there too.

47. Hangin' Tough
How we learned to love because of NKOTB.

55. Phone Call.
We know you're lost with this one, let us explain.

88. Key words.
Logical. Sensible. Practical. Strategic. Analytical. Reasonable. Unreasonable.

91. Helpful (are you trying to blow me off?) HINTS.
Don't be like Melissa ... take them!

Oh, the fun we'll have with this one. And the stories we have saved up that we just can't wait to tell ....


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