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"Just a Fling"

Charlotte Magazine, February 2008 issue, Life/Style

After one too many canceled flights left her stranded in random cities without clean undergarments to change into, Kathryn Thigpen had an epiphany: disposable thongs. Appropriately named Flingz (as in, toss it), each pair is individually wrapped, made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane for optimum comfort, and, in spite of being biodegradable, is still easy to keep for future use. “We recommend hand washing for repeat wears,” says Thigpen, who is based in Charlotte. “But, the convenience of the packaging and the intended use of Flingz gives you the option to throw them away without guilt.”

It’s the softness combined with the convenience that makes Flingz perfect for stashing in a carry-on, gym bag, or even desk drawer for “emergencies.” Flingz are $15 (MSRP) per three-pack, available in sizes small, medium, and large, and come in nude or black. Find Flingz at all

Lotus locations ( for addresses); The Lingerie Shoppe, Phillips Place, 704-643-5030; and I. C. London, 704-377-7955. Flingz by Flingwear, 704-904-1264,

Photograph by Chris Edwards


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