No. Matter. What.

Awwww. I love mail. The kind that comes by way of the man in blue shorts that trudges through sleet and snow, hell or high water, to deliver me the nicely wrapped with a rubber band stack of bills ... (okay, so the sleet and snow, hell or high water thing might have been a bit much for NC) ...

Today I open my mailbox to find the sweetest birthday card (albeit a few weeks late ;) from my girl R. in Florida.

"Dude, where do I start? We met in such a simple, passing way....

But here we are. Four states apart, several years later, and aren't we the lucky ones?

Most wouldn't have found such a solid friendship ... I knew we were going to stay friends.

So go ahead nomad ... keep hopping around the country, meeting new people, finding new loves, working new jobs. I might move one day, too. But either way, I guarantee we'll still be friends. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Happy Birthday!


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