It's a Small World... afterall?

I'm in Florida. Again. Flew into today. (We've got a very important meeting with TPC Sawgrass in the morning.)

So, here's my "It's a Small World" story ... in the land of Disney, itself....

I'm sitting in the terminal in CLT on a conference call when I see this guy who looks really familiar walk by. Hmmmm.... where do I know him from? Then I notice he's getting on my plane. (Focus Melissa, focus. You're working. Oh, right. Yes, work.) Okay, nothing bugs me more than when I see someone I know but can't figure out where I know them from. So my wheels start turning ... eh, I've prob just seen him out on the weekends. That's what it is.

I finish up the call, and board the plane. As I'm getting to my seat I realized this same guy is seated DIRECTLY in front of me. (As in I'm 12A, he's 11A) But I don't think too much of it and sit down. Plane takes off and my curiosity is getting the best of me ... where in the world do I know him from? All of a sudden, it hits me. He's a big Indianapolis Colts fan. We met him tailgating for the Panthers v. Tampa Bay game! That's it! So, I decide I'll say something to him when we land. (Or is that weird? He might think I'm kind of crazy. Eh, he won't be the only one ... you only live once. Beside, such an easy excuse to say hi to an attractive guy. :) Sooo, swanky. ;)

Plane lands. We're standing in our seats doing that bend over under the overhead bins hunch while you wait for your chance to climb out of your row, get your luggage and get going thing when I say "Um, excuse me, you wouldn't happen to be a big Colts fan, would you?" He slowly turns around, looks at me and says, "Uh, yes ... I ... am ... a ... colts... fan" (If only I had a camera right now. The look on his face is priceless. A mix between hello blondie whos chatting me up on the plane coupled with crazy crazy psycho girl how in the heck do you know I'm a colts fan?!) I say, "thought so. My friends and I met you tailgating outside Picasso's one Sunday." Ha. And he remembers. So we chat a bit, walk to baggage claim, exchange business cards and go on our way. He lives in Charlotte so we're gonna try and hang out. I couldn't wait to tell the girls. What a small, small world. Srsly. (And props to Swanky here for stepping it up and saying helllllooooo.)


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