I made the right decision.

After yesterday's post/email ... I got some of the most encouraging words from friends and family. Thanks for reinforcing my decision and letting me know I did the right thing.

"YEAH for you! I heart the QC! And this is totally your calling girl ... you were born for this position (and the discount can't be too bad either!)." -L.H.

"Hooray!!! Congratulations, Melissa! I am so happy for you. I have a feeling this move is going to allow you to write that book. I can't wait."-J.P.

"goodbye disney hello neiman's - fun fun fun- only question is...do they have chik-fil-a in the 704? they better!" -A.H.

"You have come a long way since you were the skinny girl in the big city of Augusta. I am not talking about career so much as it is going after what you want. When you hit 40 or so you start asking…what if??? It looks like you are past that stage and living the “what if”. "-P.&R.J.

"OK! I am so proud of you; and excited for you! Now you just need to explain to me exactly what a "stylist" does . . . like what will a typical day be like for you? Do you work in an office, or a giant wardrobe. . . I'm actually kind of serious . . ." -S.M.

"Congrats Mel!! We will all miss you. Who is going to help Tara blow off steam besides me?? :) I'm a dead man! I can't wait for the "Farewell Melissa Going Away Bash 2007". -B.O.

"Thanks for sharing your news and congrats on the new job! You’re funny and make me laugh! :)" -B.G.

"Umm... do you guys hear that sound? It's a Tod's bag and matching driving shoes calling my name, via Melis." -J.D.

Yep. I'm counting my blessings right now .. I know I'm a lucky girl.


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