Style question: Give me the skinny

S to Peachy (via email):

Q: And as my fashion consultant, I wanted to ask you . . . can fat girls wear skinny jeans? And if so . . . how? I mean, who should I try? I just always seem to think it accentuates the fact that I have more curves than I know what to do with. . . i.e. "more bounce to the ounce."

I need guidance, miss fashionista. You know my body type -- thick thighs and lots of booty. ;) If you have any suggestions, I am all ears.

A: First things first, above girlfriend, is NOT FAT.

Wearing skinny jeans, can be tricky. I’m not "tall", but, I do have really long legs ... But even then, I feel like it's a bit of a stretch for me. You have to be patient. Try on as many pairs as you can (in heels ... no flats) ... Buy the darkest shade possible (always makes legs look longer and leaner) and pair them with a tunic top, mini dress or bloused/tent blouse top. It's all about proportion. You need a little volume on top (and I don't mean 80's hair) to balance out the look.

The trick is also in the jeans. Mine are Diesel ... you almost always have to go designer with this trend. I tried on a few pairs at Old Navy one day (I know, what was I thinking?) and they were all terrible. The D's were the first I tried on and I was sold!

S to Peachy:

Thanks to your sage fashion wisdom, I am now the proud owner
of a pair of dark-blue True Religion skinny jeans . . . "Fat girl in
skinny jeans. . . " (Please sing this to the tune of "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" from Tommy Boy.) But thanks for your insight Meliss -- I am wearing them with heels, and my thighs do look surprisingly smaller.

Oooh. That was fun. And she said my advice helped ... maybe I should start a Swanky Style Q & A? :)


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