My slingshot Karma

Let's just say that travels home yesterday didn't go as smoothly as the shoot in Grand Cayman. And, "there's always a "ME" in Melissa" opened her mouth and said something really, really stupid and inconsiderate that hurt more than one person's feelings and really showed how much of an inconsiderate, ungrateful bitch I can be sometimes.

Well, karma has been slapping me in the face for my stupid and inconsiderate outburst (apparently some karma cycles are shorter than others)...

It all started when I lost my new ipod Nano (my mom had it engraved for me for Christmas) on the Grand Cayman to Miami flight yesterday. Then, since I fell asleep last night crying, (really long story, has a lot to do with above-mentioned outburst) I woke up with my pillowcase literally stuck to my face - as in had to peel it off like velcro (I'm so not making that up) ... to add to it: I overslept this morning ... lost my only house key between the front door and the front seat of my car (it may have been a total of eight steps, seriously) and when I tried to walk back in the house this morning I tripped on our front porch steps, fell flat on my face, hands and knees (I'm wearing a dress today, so I think the neighbors got a peep show) and somewhere in this trip/fall combo my toenails (I have really long toes) literally poked these tiny little holes through my gold ballet flats (I'm not kidding, its so weird looking) ....

So, needless to say ... its shaping up to be one hell of a birthday .... or at least one for the memory books. When do we open the bubbly?


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