Happy Birthday Babs!

Yesterday was the big day. My 2-9. GASP! (And from now on, I will be 29 and holding.)


I received an evite from the gals yesterday morning ... just said to be ready at 6 p.m. and to "dress swanky" (you're speaking my language, ladies). Tara, Liz and Emily showed up at 6, with plastic crystal "Birthday Girl" tiara in hand and we were off ...

Well, these gals know how to make the princess happy ... we pull into The Ritz-Carlton (I just left the Ritz in Grand Cayman yesterday) and I find out we're having dinner. :)

A little champagne, menus printed with Happy Birthday Melissa and more laughs than I could ask for ... I love it!


Then I'm given a card with three photos on it: one of Emily, one of Tara, one of Liz. All smiling and laughing ... it read:

"You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own ..."

The best part is that you were a part of all of our smiles.

Happy Birthday.

Are you ready for your next surprise?


(I'm a total sap.)

The surprise ... tickets to Willie Nelson at the House of Blues!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

After the concert, we headed over to Bahama Breeze to meet up with my birthday pal Drew (We share the same birthday! What are the chances?)


(Look Reags! You're two most favorite people ;)

And Erik and Dena. What happens next was great fun ... but resulted in a terrible, terrible headache for me today.

Thanks for the most fabulous birthday surprise ever girls!

Just a few of the outtakes ...


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