Great shoot in Grand Cayman!

Wow. Grand Cayman was fun. And a great shoot!

And I've got some pics for you...

The entire shoot crew during pre-wrap dinner cocktails ... at The Cracked Conch ...

IMG 0619 2

Phil, our "groom" model, was my best buddy for the week ... we goofed off at our yummy Italian dinner at Casanova one night.

IMG 0603

The birthday girls ... Fiona (my At Director) and me!

IMG 0607

And, me & Casey (hair & make-up) after they sang happy birthday in Italian to me & Fi!

IMG 0630 1

One day we shot on a boat in the Ritz dock and then drove out to an island ... I snapped this shot on the way ...

IMG 0616

We made a little stop at Stingray City on the way back to the Ritz ...

IMG 0647

Oh, and I lost a staring contest (take a good look girls, you would too!) but won the thumb war so my editor decided we'd break the tie with an arm wrestling match ... bring it on buddy ...

IMG 0630 2

IMG 0628 2

IMG 0631 1

So, yep, I'll say it again. I've got a cool job!

IMG 0604 2

And, I always get my sunset pic! Enjoy!

IMG 0558

And I just read this through and it sounds like I'm a five year old showing you a vacation picture slideshow. (Sorry, I'm all out of creativity today ...)


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