Peachy’s 25 Days of Christmas: Day 5

All I want for Christmas is: See Jane Write: A Girl's Guide to Writing Chick Lit by Sarah Mylnowski and Farrin Jacobs (Chronicle Books)

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Yeah, uh, about that novel-writing .... you see, I'm really doing it. I'm not just talking about it anymore, I'm really doing it. (Seriously, I am.) Kristin Harmel, one of my friends who's second book, The Blonde Theory (Warner Books 5 Spot), will be out this February (her first book How to Sleep With a Movie Star (Warner Books 5 Spot) - was FAB! And NO she DID NOT sleep with a movie star) recommended I read it. (I'm also a big fan of Mylnowski's chick-lit books - why not let her give me some tips on writing?) So, there you have it people ... in the midst of all of these handbags, shoes and dresses I've been asking for ... yes, I'd like something useful, too.

  • You can just have it shipped to my house

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