Peachy’s 25 Days of Christmas: Day 12

All I want for Christmas is: a set of these Wine Goblets from Kim Seybert

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I only have two pieces of Reidel stem-less glasses. My other "wine glasses" I bought on-sale at Pier 1 and my friends enjoy making fun of their shape and size every time I serve up wine at home. (They look like a petite version of a white meets red wine glass.) Kim Seybert, makes some of the most unique and amazing table top items ... napkin rings in the shape of crabs, beaded table runners in the shape of palm trees and coral throw pillows. (Originally, Kim designed beaded ball and evening gowns when redecorating her apartment enlightened her to design fab tabletop and home decor items.)

I think if we had these gorgeous glasses to clink together during Thurs. night McDreamy viewings ... well, none of the ladies would have anything to make fun of. :) Well, except that I cry at the end of every show. (Hey! Don't act like you don't tear up.)

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