Merry Manic Monday

Seriously, while I was getting ready for work today, “Manic Monday” should have been playing in the background.

My hair just wouldn’t behave, my eyeliner smudged all over my eye and I kept stumbling all over the place. ☹ As I was whining to Tara about it ... she made a spectacular observation ... this is the last full week of work that we both have to work this year. YAY!

Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner (very exciting) ... so next week I head to Augusta (I think I'm also headed to Charlotte for a day or two) ... AND I don’t have to come back to freaking Florida until after New Year’s. (That thought alone is a Christmas gift.) ☺

I’m still working out my New Year’s plans ... But it looks like I might be headed to Raleigh, NC to see my girls Brownie and Bucci. (Hmmm? Cosmos and dancing with my girlfriends? You don’t have to beg, ladies.) ☺Of course, I of all people, would still spend my vacation jet-setting (albeit by car instead of plane) around the South. (I finally unpacked from Kansas ... even though I was in protest. Did I mention I literally LIVED out of my suitcase during November?)

So, if I just keep thinking of these fun, happy things ... I think I can get through the day ... And it just might be enough to get me through the rest of the week, too.

(Oh, and I finally get to see little Miss Honey. She’s been with my parents (getting ridiculously spoiled!) since before Thanksgiving ... And I miss her so!)


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