I'm Obsessed: Jo Malone Fragrance

My latest obsession ... actually, it has been since my jaunt to New York in October (I’m sorry I waited until now to tell you about it) is Jo Malone’s Blue Agava & Cacao fragrance.

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It is to-die for.

And I must admit, when Corinne gave it to me during breakfast at Penelope’s in NYC and I read the name, I thought it might smell a little like Tequila – but it does NOT. Instead its this really fresh, salty, sweet scent.

Let me reference the small Sephora I currently have in the privacy of my own home (much to the joy of my girlfriends) and I do have quite the collection of perfumes and scents ... But I kid you not, every single day when I scan the twenty or so bottles on my bureau to choose my scent for the day (the usual suspect was ALWAYS Michael Kors) my hand now reaches for this.

If you want to buy this little scented something for yourself ...
  • Blue Agava & Cacao

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