I'm in K.C., baby!

Getting to KC was super fun. Well, all except the part where I lost (unless someone stole it) my wallet full of about $200 in cash (I NEVER carry cash), ALL of my credit cards, my checkbook (which I also never carry- who actually writes checks these days?) and some really important business cards (oh, and that Victoria's Secret giftcard with about $60 on it. DARN!) somewhere between St. Louis and Kansas City and T’s parent’s house. UGH! I was in tears. (I just can’t win for losing sometimes.) Anyhow, the dishonest person who picked it up and decided to take my cash and not call me/turn it into lost & found ... watch out for karma! I hope you enjoy spending that money. (Oh, and have a nice time trying to use my credit cards – I cancelled them all immediately.)

Tara and I made a point to get to the airport as early as humanly possible. (I've become a neurotic on-time traveler for fear of missing a flight. Seems my OCD tendencies are now creeping into all aspects of my life.) I nearly drove Liz to the looney-bin in the car on the way to MCO (seriously, I was the "one time at bandcamp" girl in the backseat ... I was so excited to be getting out of O-town... just talking and talking and talking ...) and the traffic on the 408 and 436 was INSANE! Once Tara and I breezed through baggage claim and security, we (along with our trailmix, goldfish and smoked almonds) staked out a table at the bar (somehow (un)convenient to a table full of Rollins brats waiting on thir holiday flights home) and ordered up some drinks. (We had a few hours to kill.)

When it was time to get ready to board, (btw- did I mention that I was a Southwest virgin?) I learned how this Southwest seating thing works. We didn't check in soon enough so we got group B. :( And, while waiting so begins my "Why I love, ahem, HATE whorelando rant" when a guy in Group A overhears and says ... "I'll join your club." (Come to find out, poor guy has lived here his whole life ... ugh.) Anyhow, we begin chatting and Tara gets an idea ... we'll trade our trail mix and smoked almonds (we finished off the goldfish at the bar) in exchange for J. saving us a seat so we can sit together. Deal, he says. Minutes later, as Tara and I are still munching on our collateral, he kindly reminds us to stop, if we want a seat. Funny guy. :) J., had the pleasure of spending two hours in the air with Laverne & Shirley (you have no idea unless you've done it.) I'm loving my first Southwest experience (the drinks are only $3!) J.Tara (armed with the latest US Weekly) catches us up on the all of the celeb dirt while J. and I take a trip to SkyMall. ;) What a flight!

In St. Louis we part ways with J. (he's headed on to Phoenix, we've got to change planes for K.C.) but promise to catch up with him when we are all back in mickeytown.

I call Liz to say hi while waiting (this time we're group A -yay!) in line for the next flight while Tara makes herself comfy on the floor near my carry-on. (Liz and I are chatting away when I look down to see Tara stretching in the airport. I'm talking, hey, look at me, I can touch my toes! Hey, we were tired and we'd been sitting forever.)

Board the plane and we're off ... I think it was somewhere between the flights, on this flight or during my mad dash (don't even ask, don't even ask) for my luggage in K.C. (it's a pretty small airport - I'd say it's a good "in-between" Augusta and Greensboro- BASICALLY my luggage wasn't going anywhere) that the wallet disappeared. (Or, Louis (my purse) may have just spit it out ...)

As we are pulling away from the airport in Gary's car, I see a guy who resembles Billy standing on the curb, and what do you know ... it is! BILLLLLYYYYY!!!! ;) Oh, this week is going to be so fun!


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