I have to go back to Hawaii, soon!

The rest of the shoot, was, well a shoot. But I took lots of pictures ... as soon as I can get them all posted I will. (And I got a killer tan just in time for Thanksgiving! I love the Cherokee Indian in my blood!) We shot at some cool locations: The Parker Ranch, the Kona Brewery and Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation (I picked up a few Christmas gifts here). Our yummy wrap dinner on Saturday night was at Roy's ... we dined on all sorts of yummy goods and I destroyed a few desserts. :) Drinks at the bar with the rest of the crew proved interesting and full of fun before we all headed back to our hales. Fi, D and I didn't have to leave until the Sun. p.m. red-eye to L.A. I slept in, had breakfast (Macadamia nut pancakes!) and went snorkeling with S. and our photog T. The rest of the day, I laid out. ALL afternoon. (Oceanside on any beach has got to be my favorite place to be in the world. I was more relaxed and happy than I've been in a long time.) Anyhow, I'm chilling, laying out when I start to have an anxiety/panic attack of sort. My heart is racing and I can't seem to catch my breath. (So weird, I was totally relaxed.) A few minutes later, I finally get my crap together when I feel this very small "bump" of my chair. I look at D. She looks at me. We both ask, "Did you feel that?" Yep. We did. It was either a small earthquake or some sort of aftershock. That was weird.

We take our time in the sun, then shower and get everything packed up. Have dinner at the resort and Fi takes us all to the airport. We had a small snafu with luggage (the bellman forgot an important bag) and D and I got in line for security and rush to the plane. Next thing you know, it's Monday and I'm in LAX waiting on my plane to MCO.

Anyhow, I made it back to O-town safe, sound (and really, really tan!) this afternoon. I've got to unpack and then catch up on some emails.


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