I ate too much!

Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE, FAVORITE holidays. 1.) I get to eat – a lot. And 2.) it involves sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. (And pecan pie.)

I had a great time with Tara and some of her family. Her dad, Gary, was in charge of purchasing the wine for the week, and, well, he’s a Pinot Noir man. Ever since my last red-wine induced migraine (during collegeat some point) I haven’t even sniffed a red wine - not even during my week of wine in Sonoma County last year! (Actually, let me correct that: the Pride Mountain pairings dinner at Luma last month ... when Mr. Pride Mountain sits next to you, you kind-of have to drink the wine.) My point - unless it's a Chardonnay - I'm not so educated. So, I just read a few labels and chose one for dinner. (It was a nice choice ... I had two glasses! NO headache yet ... All good.)

It’s a tradition in Kansas City (MO side, T’s from the Kansas side) on Thanksgiving evening at sunset, to turn on all of the Christmas lights downtown in the Plaza. Most of her friends and their family members get hotel rooms in the InterContinental to have a little "party" and watch the spectacle from the room's balcony. (I haven’t been to a hotel party of this sort since college ...) I love Christmas lights so I was all into it. (Cheezey, I know.) Then-when they set off the fireworks right outside the hotel (and they were right in front of my face, literally! If one of them were to have gone awry, we could have been seriously injured) ... I had a grin from ear to ear. (Sidenote: I’m also really, really into fireworks. I’m like a five year old at DisneyWorld ... Don’t know why, just love them!)

We spent the rest of the evening hanging with Zack and his friends (the more alcohol, the stronger my Southern accent becomes and the boys always have quite a time with that) until we headed back to Zack’s to crash for the night. (Not until Brice (Z's roommate), Z and I were sure to devour an ENTIRE apple pie first – no plates, just forks and the pie, thanks.) Zack so kindly surrendered his bed to Tara and I and went to sleep on the couch.

I think today we're just going to stake our claim on the couch here at her parent's house, watch some movies ... and probably eat some more. :) Yessssssssssss!


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