Day 3: Hawaii Shoot

I must say this shoot has been the easiest by far that we’ve had. WOW. Totally laid-back, totally chill. Everyone is showing up on time, no one has been a diva. No fighting models. I seriously cannot believe that I am working in Hawaii … because as hard as I am working … it honestly doesn’t feel that way. (Boy, did I need this trip.)

Each night, when we are getting ready to head-off to bed, Dayna and I have one of our little “life-chats” … she’s so positive … she’s really good for me right now. (If you do or don’t know … things have been really, really rough for the swankypeach here … but, I’m getting through it.)

I've got two mentors, and she's one of them, and she's always willing to listen to me or give advice.


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