Day 1: Hawaii shoot

Dayna and I met up at LAX last night … she, from JFK, myself, MCO (my second home). Our five-hour flight from there landed us in Kona around 9 p.m. We (along with all the wardrobe for the shoot) were picked up and taken straight to the resort. Apparently no one likes to stay up too late in Kona, we had to make it to the beach bar by 10 if we wanted an après-arrival cocktail. (WOW … the Mai Tai was strong. I was totally buzzed.) Our rooms were – nevermind. LONG story … but, we’re definitely asking to be moved in the a.m.

Just keep telling myself … hmmm … I’m in Hawaii as I quickly doze off to sleep.
After a delicious breakfast (oh, how I love the buffets!) and some piping hot (I’m so full of cliché’s right now) Kona coffee we were ready to start unpacking. My room went from a cozy beach-front (we, D & I, had our own PRIVATE beach) bungalow (after the room swap, of course) to a small retail store in two hours flat.

I took advantage of a post-card photo-op after breakfast ...

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I had to make a quick trip to the airport with Fi to pick up the photo’s assistant, P., and pick up another rental car. I got a little giddy while driving that sexy Chevy mini-van through the hills of Kona … speed-dialed Mom, T and Liz … informed them of my desire to stay forever and never come home.

Dinner (buffet … again. Oh Yeah I like this place!) on the lawn with live music, etc. First time to meet the entire crew … model’s are nice, C. (hair & m/u seems awesome) and P. seems like a really cool guy. (Shoot assistants must bond on some level.) The photog, T. is really chill too. And, I’m still catching up with D. (Haven’t seen her since May in the Bahamas.) Looks good for the week ahead

We fit A. (male model) in his clothes, I did my prep work for tomorrow’s six (YELP!) shots and climbed into bed around 10 p.m. (which was about 3 a.m. O-town time) and closed my eyes. The only sounds I can hear … the waves crashing about 50 feet from my bed. (I love it here!)


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