The shows didn't stop on Sunday

Let's talk about Sunday while I was in NYC. MADNESS. Fashion shows that started at 9 a.m. and didn't end until 9 p.m. One every hour - none located in the same location and none started on time either. (It's the nature of the beast.) Alas, (where did that come from?) I am now well-schooled in the trends for bridal fashion for both Fall 2006 and Spring/Summer 2006-2007. It's about bling (yikes, guess more than one designer took a trip to Vegas for inspiration), lace (in organic element patterns - think leaves and florals), floral appliques, embroidery, metallics (yes, like gold and silver) and great accents like belts and bolero jackets. (I've got pics coming people ...)

If you know me, you know that my heart has been set on a Melissa Sweet dress (specifically one that we recently shot in our Barbados shoot). Her style, her dresses, they just scream "Melissa". (That would be a big IF and WHEN I get married ... NO hurry here ... like you couldn't tell ;)

But, Monique Lhuillier (pronounced mo-neek loo-lee-yay) came through with a gown that literally took my breath away. As in, my EIC sitting next to me says, "Whoa. You just gasped" when she heard me during the show. (I wish I had a picture for you, and I will, but the photog is working as quickly as she can to get the images edited, etc.) It was stunning and gorgeous and well, ME!

Fall07 Daphne

As the day wore on, we shuffled into each show (always digging right into the gift bags - seriously I have more Godiva then I could think of getting on Valentine's day, various new perfumes and lingerie too) and shuffled onto the next. Lunch -- we only had time for a quick slice of pizza that we devoured in a cab en route to Badgley Mischka ... and I think I may have consumed quite a few Starbuck's throughout the day. (And then there was the yummy cupcakes served up at one show ...)

The day ended with a fabulous cocktail party prior to the start of the Amsale shows. Held in the Time Warner Center ... what a venue. The windows give this amazing view of the city and Central Park.

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Seems Miss Eva (she is stunningly beautiful) is a fan ... and A. sidled up next to her for a photo op ...

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Meanwhile J. (She is seriously my new best friend. She's hot right? And she's got amazing style and designs some fab handbags ... check the one she's holding in this pic ... if you like what you see, check out Haute Metal to your right in Swanky Sites)

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These two ladies, A. & J. helped me make it through the weekend. We had some great times and good laughs (Do I have cupcake in my teeth?) and I can't wait to head to Chucktown for a little reunion real soon!

Ayoka (Charleston Magazine), Jillian (Haute Metal) and Me ... yep, you know we owned that party ;)

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