I had one thing to look forward to this weekend to get me through this week ... the fact that I was actually going to a Georgia game this season ... and it was going to be Georgia v. Tennessee in Athens. I just got a message from Christin that the guys are thinking of making it a "guys weekend" ... says she'll keep me posted. (Apparently some of the wives/girlfriends are possibly sitting this one out. WHAT?!)

Well, it's humpday ... the week hasn't been THAT bad (I've most definitely had worse for sure!) ... but that is putting a real damper on my weekend plans. Of course, I'm now entertaining an invite to tag along to the Florida v. LSU game. Hmmm? I could SO sport some purple and gold ... 'cause we all know ... I HATE THE GATORS! ;)

Hopefully I'll get to see at least ONE football game this season. Geez ...


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