Beach bums ...

The reunion festivities … good times, I guess (but the Georgia game provided SO much more entertainment. The dawgs better get it together before next weekend - I PLAN to be in attendance!) As expected, everyone is pretty much married and/or married with children.

All in all, my time in Augusta was well spent. (Although, I’m dying to ask this question: Am I the only one whose married friends always want to set up with this “great guy”?)

So, I woke up early today and hit the road to head back to O-town.

On the way, I get a call from Liz and Tara … seems the guys want to go do some fishing this afternoon, when will I be back, and am I in? Of course! Did someone say beach?

I get back in time to unload my car and we all pile into the Rover and head out. Liz, T and me are strolling down the beach and the guys (B. is beside himself with the chance to fish with John; Billy’s just happy to be fishing) are waist deep in the water casting before we even set the beach blanket down.

A chill, fun, spontaneously cool trip. What a way to wrap up the weekend -- good friends, cold beer and nice sea breeze on the beach. (Why have we not done this before?) We watched the sun set, stopped off for some yummy seafood on the way home and finally tumbled out of the car at our place around 11. (Long day for me, but, well worth it ... I'd say.)


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