Mistakes: they are fundamentally monumental

While watching one of my fave movies this weekend a scene between a mother and her adult daughter made me pause and think for just a second. The daughter asks the mother if she had one “do-over” for a mistake she had made previously in life, what would it be. After a brief moment of thought, the mother replies, “nothing.” Essentially, if it weren’t for those mistakes, she would not have learned from them.

As cheezey as it may sound, I’m going to say I must agree.

It is my previous mistakes that have taught me what I have learned and formed the person that I am today. It is my future mistakes (I know I’m going to make them!) that will mold me even more so.

And as tough as life may seem at times, and as much as stuff might hurt sometimes, and even as good as things might go … all of these experiences are necessary events that must take place in order for me (all of us, really) to be able to call this “life”. And I think I’m okay with that …


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