Low-key Labor day

I just had one heck of a relaxing weekend. I did nothing but hang out with one of my best friends, watch tennis, movies, football and golf, eat, play with the dogs, and sleep. ☺ (The highlight: my amazing massage I treated myself to on Saturday!)

While lounging around over the weekend, my friend and I had some serious chats … You know, those evaluating your life chats – where we are now in our careers, where we are with our personal relationships (all of them: friendship, family and romantic – ahem, so what if some are lacking more than others? :) where we thought we might be at this age/stage in life, where we see ourselves going … yep, those chats. (Hello?! We’re women! It's kind-of what we do. Talk about things, for hours.)

I noticed I’ve been doing a good bit of this “reflecting” lately … trying to figure out what I need to clean up, when I need to shut up, where I might need to “grow-up” a little …

Essentially I realized I have accomplished a lot of what I had set out to do (in some instances, more than) at this point in life, and I’m pleased with that, but 30 is creeping up my friends (ahhhh!) and there are a few things I thought I would have checked off the list by now. (I’m just making an observation here. Just an observation … )

It’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one who thinks about these things. It’s nice to know someone else is in the same boat (we’re paddling together, right?) and I think it’s just ironic (yet so perfect) timing that it’s right now, at this age, in this life season, in this city … that I’ve got a kindred soul offering up a little support ... and I can definitely offer some too!


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