"I love this bar" (you've heard the song)

So, this weekend is my 10 year Evans High School Reunion. (Oh boy!) It took me months of going back and forth as to whether or not I was going to come until Liz talked me into it. I'm thinking now, it's going to be loads of fun and I'm so glad she did.

Last night I went and met some old friends up at Wild Wings to hang out. We watched the SC v. Auburn game (way to go Cocks, pffft!) and hung out while The Pat Blanchard Band played some tunes. The guys were having a great time catching up and talking about their "sports" days and I was meeting some wives, girlfriends, etc. Once the game was over we headed over to "The Country Club." This, apparently, is now the "coolest" place to hang in Augusta. When I pulled in the parking lot and saw the men walking out in cowboy hats, well, you just know I had to phone Miss Tara Dawn Bradley ... this was her kind-of place.

We walked into what turns out to be quite a large place. (And was full of all-types of people, not just cowboys.) There was a giant dance floor (line dancing was in full swing) with a stage at the front. (Oh, and is that a mechanical bull I see? Why, yes, yes it is. WOW.) I immediately call Tara again ... and then HAD to send Mr. Billy a text. If Billy and Tara had been at my side, they SO would have owned that dance floor. I'm laughing with Nate about the entire scene (to me, it's a little endearing, but not so much to him) but I'm digging it too ... they are playing some good music.

Then, I hear it, the start of a very familiar Guns-n-Roses song, and I immediately think of my O-town friends.

I guess I should now explain the importance of music to me. I don't just listen to music, I listen. My itunes is full -- everything from country, to rap, to reggae, alternative, classic rock ... you name it. I think it "soundtracks" life. There are certain songs that I have heard/listened to with special people that when I hear them again immediately take me back to that very moment ... the time, the place, the exact same feelings. Basically, music cements memories like photos do.

So, when I hear this familiar "Sweet Child-O-Mine" tune ... my mind immediately revisits our Orange Ave. stomping ground ... the Lodge. The site of the best (always occupied by us - even if we have to steal it) booth for dancing and lip singing, beers, shots and Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Guns-n-Roses tunes you'll ever hear. :) When AC/DC's "Back in Black" (that's my song!) starts to play, I'm texting like crazy!

I cannot lip sing without my group? And who the heck is going to play "the Gibson"???


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