Clear skies and a clear head

So, I'm on vacay this week hanging in Augusta with my family and friends. (Don't you love that a jet setter takes vacay in her hometown of all places?) The weather has been some kind of treat - absolutely beautiful: beautiful blue skies, no humidity, nice and cool ... (cool is only used to describe Florida during the months of December, January & February) I just love it ...

Today was low-key, I just ran around town with my mom. Since my girlfriend Christin's hubby had a softball game in the p.m., I snagged her as a running partner. We went for a good run ... I didn't put in many miles last week ... there were more important things to do :( ... and had some yummy sushi for dinner. (Sashimi isn't so bad, huh Cissy? :)

We crashed on the couch and watched a flick while her hubby (who she surprised with a new 4-wheeler for his birthday this weekend!) watched some Monday Night Football (can you believe that I picked a movie over football?) Well, that's because there is just nothing like being home and in the company of great friends and good family. (Besides, I watched football with my daddy yesterday ;)

And well, honestly I've needed a bit of perspective lately, a little reassurance and a voice of reason. Well, that's Christin -- always helps me put my head on straight and see things clearly.


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