Why I'm loving it here (well, for now anyways)

I've lived in some great cities … New York, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth are just a few. All three have great restaurants, great entertainment and plenty of fun things to do. But, what they were missing -- the AMAZING friends that I have in Orlando.

I haven't been the biggest fan of Orlando since I moved here. I don't necessarily dislike O-town, I know that there are worse places I could be, (Augusta, for one. Sorry, mom) let's just say that there are other places I might rather be. The weather is okay (a little too hot right now, but that will subside soon), the restaurants aren't bad (especially when you're best friends with the girlfriend of a great chef!), downtown can be fun on the weekends (well, it's a little scary, but my friends and I make the most of it) and the shopping isn't too shabby either.

Starting with last Thursday, I had one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time. I laughed, danced and partied with some of my best friends and met some new ones too. (There's nothing like literally being kicked out of the bar past closing time on a Thursday night!) And Friday night started with happy hour (ladies only!) before we gathered a group and hit our favorite spots … (I was running off of two hours of sleep from Thurs. night, so how I rallied to party that hard is beyond me. Must be why I'm now nicknamed "Party Animal" - thanks to Chris). I’m a dancing fool … I just love it. And, well, Tara does too! Crazy gal managed to get herself into four dance-offs (she won three!), and at some point both of us and our co-worker Zach were dancing to Twist-n-Shout … I’m guessing from this pic that we must have twisted too much… We are on the floor people! (of a bar! yikes!)

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So I've made myself a short list of reasons (yes, there are only two, I said short) why Mickeytown is currently treating me quite well ...

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Most importantly, my friends. In 28 years (and after a few years in a sorority) I have never had the friends that I have right now. They are amazing. It’s the only word to describe them. Not only are they very real people, but they genuinely care about me and all of our other friends. Each one, I met in a different way, and each I’ve introduced to my other friends, and each one loves the others. (Sickeningly sweet, right?)
No matter what we are doing -- whether Liz, Tara and I are sweating our asses off during our daily run around Lake Adair ☺, drinking wine on the back porch or riding the pedi-cabs down cobblestone streets; Emily and I are gossiping over lunch; or Jen and I are reminiscing about New York – we ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a great time!

Yesterday, myself and the girls got together for a little thing we like to call “Babes Who Brunch” at Jen’s house. The coffee: strong, food: so good, mimosas: deelish! (Let’s just say we each had quite a few …) Can I tell you that I have not laughed that hard in a long, long time. (I’m talking cheeks hurt, stomach muscles ache, almost pee your pants laugh) at some of the stories my friends and I could tell. So fun it lasted five hours!

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My job – I got the gig and I know it! I love every minute of it and I’m very passionate about it. I’m doing what I was born to do. It’s all beauty, all fashion and lots of travel. (Don’t get me wrong, I definitely get my fill of wedding gowns … just ask me after Bridal Fashion Week.) But, it’s not so much work to me. I hardly ever dread coming to work (unless I’m straight off of a red-eye or stayed out too late the night before). I’m (ahem) young (hey! I’m not 30 yet!) and I’m single (meaning: not married, no kids) so I’m at the perfect place in life to embrace the job. I’m seeing places I’ve never seen, meeting people I’ve never met and doing things I’ve always thought about doing. It’s fantastic!

So, all in all, I’m still not completely sold on the ORL, (and I def. don’t think I’ll be here forever) but, that’s why I am loving Orlando, FOR NOW, anyways. It’s not so much about the city, but about the time I spend with my friends – how awesome they are and how THEY make it worth it. (sniffle, sniffle – I think I’m tearing up over here)


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    you make me smile. :) i'm coming down for UGA/FL so get ready. :)

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Your job must be great! You really seem to have a lot of free time! Wow you are lucky!

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM

    sounds like a bunch of dikes.


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