Today I love

It all started yesterday when I saw a co-worker walking into the office with bright yellow Crocs on and the color just made me smile. You know Crocs, right? Those not-so-fashionable (but super squishy and comfortable) shoes that everyone in Florida wears -- including (gulp!) me - well, around the house anyways.

So, I sent Tara an email titled “Today I love” and said it was Mark's Crocs. She loved it, thought it was great and said we should do it everyday! I love it … I must admit, I think it's a pretty good way to positively start the day, no? You know, kind-of like stepping out on the right foot, or waking up on the right side of the bed (or anyone of those clich├ęs).

I know, I know, the two of us (lately we've been a little like Laverne & Shirley or Lucy & Ethel) are something else - little bit cheezey, little bit goofy, but a whole lot of fun!


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