I should be embarrassed to admit this ...

that my liver is currently drowning in chardonnay.

I should also be embarrased to admit that for some strange reason my roommate and I had started lining up empty wine bottles as we had finished them (looked a little like "99 bottles of wine on the wall") and have been doing so over the last month. Each bottle was a different drama, different bad day, different stress. Since we're over it, have moved on and are removing these stresses from our life, we decided the tossing of the bottles would be a "cleansing ritual" of sorts. (That girl, she's bound and determined to make me a minimalist -- always making me throw away something! But, I must admit it feels SO good to do it!)

So last night, we lugged the recycling out to the curb only to (laughing while doing so) realize that in the past month, we drank so much wine that we had to use both recycling bins (have you seen the size of those things?) for the glass and it was mostly OUR empty wine bottles! (Granted, in our defense, the Friday p.m. get together did turn into a full-on party and there were beer drinkers that contributed to the volume, but ...) I do think I counted somewhere around 20 bottles that were truly ours?! I know, it's insane. Maybe I have a small problem? (Isn't the first step admitting the problem? :) Just kidding mom, just kidding)

I think that this week I should lay off a little -- you know -- let my liver dry out. Cirrhosis is not necessarily a word I'd like to be familiar with, if you know what I mean.

My guess is in doing so, I will feel better, happier (alcohol is a depressant, you know), sleep better ... and maybe I can tack another mile on to my daily run!? (You know, every day I run, I start to consider that whole marathon thing more and more ...)


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    so glad to see you are no longer jaded.


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