Frequently flying somewhere

Wow. This job has been a whirlwind. I travel at least once, if not twice, a month. It started in February with my trip to California, then it was to New York, then the Bahamas, then Vegas, then Vail, then Barbados and now ... Islamorada, in the Florida Keys. Yay! Just what I deserve - a LONG weekend (complete with cocktails and a spa treatment) on the beach.

And now, looking at my filofax, looks like I'm headed somewhere every month from now until December (we're talking Rosemary Beach next month, NYC for bridal fashion week in October, Hawaii (Kona Village) in November, then there's Mexico, back to the wine country, Charleston, then the Caymans or St. Barts). And somewhere in there, I'd like to schedule my own vacay and head out to California to see a few friends in San Fran and Santa Barbara ... I guess I've officially become a jet setter. WOW. :)


  1. When you're in Islamorada (you need to research why they call it that ... good story) go to a fishing store called Bonefish Bob's. Great store ... funny old man with a white beard. He's a real-life character in Jimmy Buffet's latest book. We got him to sign the book for us. :)

    Miss you. Hope your travels are safe.

  2. Jackie11:11 AM

    You go girl! Next time you come to NY, we're on for dinner and wine in Littly Italy again so keep me posted. Miss ya!


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