Dog day at the park

I kind of feel like a mom who missed her kid's first soccer game or something ... Yesterday, one of my best pals, Liz, was taking her dog Sam and Chris's dog, Amos to the dog park and offered to take little Miss Honey too. Poor thing, she's always stuck in the house all day while I am working, why not? She's gets plenty of exercise, my house has a giant backyard and my neighborhood is a great place for long walks. (I used to take her running with me in the evenings, but now that it's 1000 degrees outside when I go, she has to stay behind.)

BUT, she's never been to the dog park! I've been meaning to take her, I really have. Well, after seeing a few photos last night ... the momma here is now sad that she missed out on Honey's first visit. Apparently, she had the best time ... ran around, bravely attempted to swim on more than one occasion (which surprises me, she HATES her baths), and made a new little friend with a Jack Russell.

Ah, that dog, she drives me crazy sometimes, but I love her more than the world - and isn't she just so cute?

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