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Tonight @ Cheeca we had this amazing dinner on the beach ... complete with an assortment of Key Lime desserts (so good, I was in heaven!) The group then headed out for a few drinks and I (buzzing) return to my little bungalow. I open the door to a trail of rose petals leading into the bedroom that is lit by delicious smelling Joya brown sugar and vanilla candles ...

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and rose petals sprinkled on the bed in the shape of a heart with a dozen long-stemmed roses on the table.

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WOW. From whom could it be?

It's from the resort, people. It's just to show me what they are capable of doing for a couple getting engaged, married or honeymooning at the resort. (Unfortunately, there is no man behind this gesture ... I mean, I am seriously starting to doubt that there are men on earth who are capable of this type of stuff? I know TWO - and both are married to two of my great friends.) (Lucky bitches :)


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    That is funny! They did the same for me when I stayed there! Love the blog!


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