My mom ROCKS!

My mom came to visit for the weekend. We've had a lot of fun. Of course, the first thing she did when she got in town on Sunday was take care of the "root" problem I had going on with this hair. (Thank God, huh?) Monday, Tara and I headed to the pool so she could relax at my place and get some work done. We invited a bunch of friends over that night and she sat out on the porch and drank some wine and hung out with us. It was so fun and my friends just kept telling me how cute my mom was!

Then, of course, after we all went out, she was a doll when we came stumbling into the house at 4 a.m. making too much noise and everyone trying to find a place to crash. Today, Tara and I drove her around to show her the bustling town of Orlando (ha, don't even get me started) and we enjoyed a nice lunch with a glass of wine outside and snapped some pics in downtown Winter Park.

Today's the 4th, and that means fireworks -- one of FAVORITE FAVORITE things in the whole world! (Seriously, compares to a shoe sale at Neimans!) So, now it's big party at friends house, low key hang out with mom or head downtown for a real fireworks show with some pals .... hmmmm ... I'll think I'll go take a nap until I decide.

But the point of this rambling little entry is that the relationship my mom and I have now is amazing. She's my mom and always will be, and I'll always love her and respect her as I should, but I respect her even more now. I can be who I am with her, talk about what's going on my life (and not worry about getting grounded!) and just hang out. She's more my friend than mom now, and that says a lot, when a few years ago, I wouldn't really want to be in the same room with her -- not because she's a bad person -- she's amazing -- but just because I was a mean little brat actually. Anyhow, mom, if you ever read this, please know that I love you more than the world, respect you for the mom and friend that you are, and cherish all the minutes we spend together (even when I'm not being so nice, which I am trying to work on) and I look forward to many, many more memories, pictures and good times. You're the greatest!


  1. sherrie6:47 PM

    You have a fabulous mom and we miss all of you guys in our lives as well. I know it's sometimes hard to go along with what our parents say but sometimes it's just a matter of trust and letting go. We have to believe that they love us enough that any advice they give us is for that reason.

    take care.

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