High-altitude headache

I just spent the week in Vail, Colorado. First trip out there, it was nice. The scenery - gorgeous, the food - delicious, the wine - missed out, I was too sick! I was SO sick -- bronchitis, strep throat and sinus infection all-at-once sick. Let's just talk about the pain in your ears when you have a sinus infection at 10,000 elevation -- a little like what I think knives being poked into your head and twisted around would feel like. Between the flight out, the two hour ride from Denver to Vail and the altitude, I was a sad, sad case upon arrival. So much so, I had to cancel my dinner plans and opt for room service and early to bed.
The next morning, I was a little better. I had a few properties to visit and since the gondola that climbs Vail mountain to the wedding deck was not operating, Annie and I had to DRIVE up the mountain. No, that wasn't painful at all. (right) The views were spectacular ... and I'm NOT a mountain girl (it's all beach for me) ... the wedding deck is just that ... basically a deck that sets on the edge of the mountain. (You know, bride and groom saying their vows with this amazing backdrop of mountains behind them? It was definitely a sight to see. Did I mention my fear of heights?) The Holy Cross mountains sit behind and were still snow-capped enough that the snow formed the cross. Really pretty ...

Come back down the mountain, have a little lunch with John and Jens and just hope I can make it through my afternoon at the spa (can you believe I just said that?) so that I can crawl into bed again. Afternoon spa treatments, as always, to die for ... very relaxing, definitely made me feel a little better.

From my suite at the Cordillera Lodge & Spa, I could lay in my bed and look out over the Sawatch Mountain Valley. Not a bad view, to say the least. Cuddled up with room service, whatever random movie was on and went to sleep.

Last full day in town, day is full - breakfast and lunch appointments and more properties to visit... Christina was nice enough to trek me over to first, the drugstore for more meds and, then to urgent care to attempt a doctor visit. John and I met Jens and his fiancee for a drink (I had water) before John and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Larkspur. They have this burger, it's actually called the Larkspur burger, that is beyond good. (I don't really eat hamburgers, it was that good.) And I, of course, had a sampling of desserts -- NO matter how ill I am, this girl never misses dessert! Back to resort to pack and literally crawl into bed - dreading my 7 a.m. pickup the next day.

Flew back to Orlando (you know how much I love this airport), straight to CVS to load up on prescriptions, and crawled into bed.

Today, I'm home sick from work, I've got to recover.

So, what did I think about Vail? Gorgeous, beautiful, and all of those descriptive words (I just don't have it in me right now) BUT if you are going to be terribly ill, not the worst of places to be. :)


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