The small things that make me smile

So, I’m having a crazy busy week. I’m slammed pulling accessories together for our shoot next week in the Bahamas. (Wow, I guess you can’t beat a job where you get paid to stay in the Four Seasons and run around in the sun on the beach chasing models, huh? Oh, and our “groom” model … he’s pretty handsome … going to be a good week!)

But, I’m digressing from the point here … I’m just kind-of feeling a little yucky .. (girls, you know what I mean … that “I’m sad but I’m not really sure why” feeling). Well, today I (unexpectedly) received a very positive, encouraging (gosh I needed it) email from my magazine’s Advertising Director.

"Get a big WOW from me. Great job. You must be so proud of your work. We are receiving compliments daily from advertisers. Keep up the good work."

Well, it kind-of helped turn my frown upside down, I gave myself a pat on the back, and Tara bought me a cookie. :-D The smile might not be the big cheesy huge one people know me for … but there’s one there … nonetheless. And thats a start to making things all good!


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