Perfect pictures from Exuma

So, I finally got some of the pics from the Bahamas. Yay!!!

This is my favorite, Dayna and I on the front of the Catamaran at sunset. Oh my, it was so beautiful there!

I can't remember what day this was, but we were shooting at this really cool "beach bar/restaurant" ... Big D's. (That's Big D on the far left.)

After shooting that day we went swimming, downed a few Kalik's (that's the only beer you can get down there) and ate tons of conch fritters!

More photos from the boat ...

Adriano, our photog hanging over the side of a moving (fast) 40' catamaran just to get a great shot! Wow, the dedication. ;)

Josh, Denise and Gerad, Hugo popping in from behind on the boat ... we had one more shot to go.

Rani and I, she was dressed and ready to go for one of the cover try shots. This was our last day of shooting and the last location -- a totally deserted beach that NO ONE was on but us. It was great!

This is the entire crew (minus Hugo - where was he? at the bar maybe?) at our "wrap" dinner the last night of the shoot. We are all so sunkissed and happy ... probably from all of the Bahama Mamas. :) (left to right: Denise, PR for the resort; Rani, our "bride"; Fiona, my art director; Adriano, the photographer; Susan, my editor (sitting); myself; Gerad, our "groom"; and Dayna, the stylist.)

That's me, Adriano, Denise and Dayna posing for a pic in the teen center at the Four Seasons. After a big dinner and a visit to the bar, we spent a few hours playing air hockey, ping pong and pool. (I totally felt like I was in college again. If ONLY there was a "beer pong" board! :)

This isn't the last of pictures by any stretch. The photographer, Adriano, and his assistant, Hugo, took some even better ones with their fancy-schmancy cameras. When I finally get them in, you'll see them for sure.


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