Home, isn't it where your heart is?

Last week, I traveled to the one city that holds the most special place in my heart, New York City. I love being there almost more than anywhere else (except for when it's pouring down rain and you can't get a cab for anything or you wake up to a few inches of snow in the morning!) But, back to my point … this was my first trip since I moved from there about 18 months ago. I really wasn't sure what to expect once I arrived ... would I miss it? Would I remember all of the reasons why I moved?

While making the drive into the city from the airport, I caught a glimpse of the skyline I so adore. I liken my feelings to being around an ex-boyfriend for the first time in a while. You know ... he's gorgeous, he's charming, he knows what to say, what to do to make you smile and you so easily seem to forget all the crappy things he did to hurt you ... lied to you, cheated on you, disrespected you and your relationship. (No, I'm not bitter at all! Ha, ha! Oh, and NO I’m not talking about you Reg!)

As the cab exited the Lincoln Tunnel and we pulled into Friday afternoon midtown traffic I listened to the horns, the traffic cops blowing their whistles and watched pedestrians rush between the vehicles... The sounds, the smells, the sights ... man I love this place!

When I headed out for dinner with a friend I was starting to feel better ... calmer ... more excited about being there. We decided on my FAVORITE, FAVORITE restaurant in Little Italy, DaNico's. (Seriously, they have the most delicious caesar salad I have ever tasted!) We wined, dined, chatted and laughed for a few hours and starting walking back uptown. I really started to feel like I was home again ... it was chilly, but it was nice out ... and nothing beats a beautiful night in the city. We cabbed it back uptown to hit a bar I've frequented before and had a few before heading in. I walked the short block back to the apartment, crawled in bed and fell asleep to the sounds of the sirens, and the cars and the fire engines (wow, I never realized how quiet Florida is!)... I think I'm falling in love all over again.

The next few days were a whirlwind of fashion shows, lunches, cocktails, appointments (seriously (Derbers can you believe I'm saying this?) if I have to look at another bridal gown for the next month I might barf!) and I somehow found time to meet various old (and new!) friends for drinks and dinner. My dearest friend Tim and I had a great chance to catch up on the last year or so over a yummy dinner at a French-Vietnamese restaurant, Sapa. I told him how I was starting to miss New York and didn’t know if I should think about moving back. He so kindly reminded me of how miserable I was when I lived there. (You know, kind-of like your best friend reminding you of all the crap that stupid ex put you through?!) He says to me "You really seem so happy! You were so miserable your last year here. Maybe you don't need to live here, just visit ... ALOT!" Maybe Timmy's right ... but this is something I'll have to figure out on my own.

On Wednesday, I had breakfast at the Four Seasons with a press rep (who I now adore -- she's a blast!), and spent the morning at the salon getting the most beautiful hair I've EVER had (Seriously, I SO had Jessica Simpson hair ... it was amazing!) I needed to head downtown for lunch with my editor and our stylist to discuss next week’s Bahama’s shoot. I decided to skip the cab and it was time for a subway ride! I pulled out my ipod, found the perfect music (if you know me, you know that “soundtracking” life's events are key and songs are to be chosen wisely ... because later that song will take you back to that moment in an instant) got myself a metrocard and rushed down the stairs and onto the subway platform. I was at my old stop … nostalgia? But, ew, I forgot how gross those platforms can smell ... a mixture of many different scents. I waited on my downtown 6 train. Again, I think to myself, I feel like I'm at home.

On my last day in the city, I decided shopping was a necessity (they truly have the best shopping there but I know you didn't need me to tell you that) and trekked out to Starbucks for my vanilla latte, and hit the streets. When I was done with my purchases I still had about two hours to kill before my car was picking me up for the airport. It was a beautiful day ...... so I just walked for awhile ... “took in” the city if you will (as an editor, I’m having a block and have a lack for better word right now), did some people-watching (LOVE IT! always entertaining!) Oh how charming and wonderful the City can be.

So, my verdict ... yep, I miss it ... I miss it alot ... but do I miss it so much that I'm dying to go back ... maybe or maybe not ... but there is one thing I'm pretty sure of ... I am no small town girl ... I'm definitely a big city girl and that's where my heart will always be.


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