Busy in the Bahamas

So, looks like tonight is the first night I'll actually get to bed before midnight ... whew! We had a 7:30 call time this morning and I am exhausted. I'm working my butt off here, but it's beautiful and we are having a great time. Our team: photographer and his assistant, the stylist I am assisting, Josh on hair and makeup, my editor and art director and our two models, Rani and Gerad are a great group. As far as I know we've got some great shots (some of us also received sunburns ... not me! (yet) Tomorrow we go out on a huge catamaran (sp?) and we are shooting on a deserted island ... going to be so cool! Anyhow ... I have had a few Bahama Mama's while I've been here as well as Gumbay (pronounced goom-bay) Punch ... boy do they pour some Rum on this island. yeah mon! (sorry, you know I just couldn't resist) Anyhow, between my lost luggage and the various events and activities that have taken place ... I can't wait to tell you about this trip. But, that will be when I return to the States as I am all tuckered out and we still have three more days. Oh, and I can't wait for you to see some of the pics ... :)

Here we are, first shot of the shoot, I had just dressed the models and last minute makeup and wardrobe touches are being made by Josh and Dayna. Aren't they a cute couple? (Not a real one, of course, it's all staged)

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