Bahamas: Bring it on!

Tomorrow I head out to the Bahamas ... one of the out islands ... Exuma.

I'll be crashing (actually I'll be working like crazy) at the Four Seasons Resort Great Exuma at Emerald Bay for the next next six days while we shoot our Fall issue Fashion Feature. Our models are gorgeous (especially our groom ;) ... the sun will be shining and although I'll be working ... I'll SO be getting a tan. (You'd think since I live in Florida now, I'd have one ... well, I did, but that week long stint to NYC and a COLD weekend in Atlanta did nothing but pass enough time for it to fade.) It's my first trip to the Bahamas ... yep, I'm excited and hopefully I'll get some good pics for you while I'm there.

Isn't this beautiful? Have I made you jealous yet? (If you need a close-up, you can click on the thumbnails :)

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If time permits, I'll be hanging out right here :)

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