Pleading the MySpace case

Okay. I'm a hypocrite. Yep. That's right. All of you "myspacers" have been getting on my case about not being on it. I refused. Everyday I refused. I have no desire to post nude pics, give people my address or discuss every single little (private) aspect of my life on there (yes, parents, you would faint at the site of what some post) so why do I need to participate? Not to mention, I'm a grown adult now ... I'm already having issues with my internet addiction (clearly -- I do have a blog). "Oh, but you can find so many old friends" say my pals ... "Everyone we went to college with is on it" argues another ... "It's just fun and a good way to keep in touch" state those trying to plead the MySpace case.
Friday night, no one is home, totally bored I start thinking ... let's just see if I know anyone on there. Three hours later it is after midnight, my dog has already gone to bed, I've sent messages to about 10 people and "invited" everyone in my gmail address book to "be my friend" and I've already started wondering why no one has "accepted" me as their friend. I mean, everyone I know is always talking about how great it is and they are ALWAYS on myspace ... blah, blah, blah ... so, where is everyone when I need them to "accept" me as "friend" status? Off, doing fun things or sleeping like normal people, I'm sure. So, I call it a night, log off and head to bed.
Saturday morning: wake up, take the dog out, start the coffee and log on. Yeah! I have 9 friends already!!! NINE!
I totally concede ... myspace is kind-of fun .. and already worth it! I've re-connected with old friends, started searching for others and it seems as though (ahem) I am now ready to plead the MySpace case myself.

Check it out for yourself:


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