Happy Birthday to me ….

I must admit that I was slightly worried about my birthday this year. Especially since I’m in a new town with very little family. Surprisingly enough, it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had! Of course, Reg was the first to call and wish me a good day. And, my new friends, well they are awesome! They made sure my day was extra special! I arrived at my desk to find a beautiful bouquet of yellow baby roses from my friend Emily – whose “cube” is next to mine. Wow! What a start! Jackson, Kansas and my other friend Jennica headed to lunch at P.F. Changs. Those gals are so crazy – they surprised me with a goodie bag of stuff – the prized gift – a laminated map of Orlando! ☺
A restaurant that is close to my office, Brio, has two cheesecakes a week flown in from the Carnegie deli in NYC. (Anyone who visited me in NYC knows about the Carnegie deli because I took all of my visitors there for the best slice of New York Cheesecake you could find in the city!) Turns out, S., my editor had Jackson head over there, buy four pieces of cheesecake (for the gals on our staff) and they surprised me with a birthday treat. And then, to top all of that off, Jackson arranged an after-hours get together at our fave after work spot, Dexter’s. Do you know there were about 13 people there!? A pretty big party for the new kid on the block if you ask me. The only downer … my dad seemed to forget. But you know what, even if I didn’t get a single gift today … it still would have been great!


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