F is for Fabulous Friends in Florida

I’ve made a few friends (and so has Honey) so it’s been nothing but good times so far. Two of my new friends are two gals in my office, we’ll call them Jackson and Kansas.* And the two of them, could not be any different than I am.

J., refuses to be associated with anything pink, floral, or to be quite honest – girly or feminine. She likes to wakeboard (which I’ve seen her do and she’s good) and snowboard and doesn’t like to wear skirts or dresses. She wants nothing in her life or about her to be “mainstream” and says she hates the world and everyone in it. Funny thing is – she is one of the nicest gals I know. On my first day of work, she shows up at my cubicle with a handful of office supplies – pens, paper clips, post-it notes, etc. As little of a gesture that was, it was so sweet and meant more to me than J. will ever know. I tagged along with her to lunch and we’ve been friends ever since. But what’s so funny is that we are so completely different. She wears Element, I wear Marc Jacobs; she listens to Danzig, I listen to John Mayer; her boyfriend is one heck of a wake boarder, and I, well there is no boyfriend. (Don’t worry friends, no complaints about the single life here. It’s a new change that I have cheerily embraced.)

Kansas, a mid-western by birth, is tan, happy, and loves to scuba dive. She somehow thinks she will one day teach me (the scared of everything, claustrophobic girl) to scuba dive or at least snorkel. We’ll see about that, Kansas. She likes shoes just as much as I do but she definitely isn’t as high maintenance as I am. (Yep, I said it. I admitted it. I am high maintenance. But, you know what, I’m a good sport about it.) She’s loud like me, calls me Ariel when I wear my hair curly, and has yet to purchase designer denim. (We were at Nordstrom over the weekend and she was so close to a pair of Paige Laurel Canyon!)
I just can’t tell you how much fun I have when I’m hanging with these two -- there is no drama, no competition and just lots of laughs and having fun! The one thing these two have in common, besides being female, is that they are 100% real. What you see is what you get, they will tell you like it is, don’t try to be anything that they are not – and they accept me for who I am – as different (read girly) as I may be.

So, thanks for being my new friends – Jackson and Poca-Kansas—here’s to many more laughs and good times for (hopefully) years to come. (I know J. – that’s just too sappy for you and I sound like a girl!)


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