So stinking close to being in the doghouse

So tonight my new staff had a brainstorming session at my new editor’s house. Our magazine is undergoing a re-design and we wanted to get together, rehash the last issue and come up with some new ideas. S. my editor, has a dog, Noodles, and so she thought I should bring Honey along so they could play while the rest of us got our work done. I thought great! Honey will love it. Well, after we’d been there not even 5 minutes, I hear one of my coworkers say … “Uh-oh”. I turn around to see my dog, in full squat, doing some stinky business on my bosses carpet! I was humiliated. She’s been my new boss for two weeks, and my dog is crapping on her floor! Of course, everyone felt sorry for me, but S. said it was fine and that she didn’t mind. I’m thinking, uh, I think I need to get back on mediabistro!


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