My Interim Roommate

I’ve been staying with my Aunt Elaine, my grandmother’s sister, who is just the sweetest lady and has been gracious enough to open her home to me, while I’m looking for a place to live here in Florida. So far, I have loved every single second spent with her – we visit over meals, and watch television (while I keep Honey from jumping in her lap) each night. She likes 24, a show I previously had never seen before, and now I’m hooked! (I’ve added it to the roster, with the O.C., Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Miami.) We talk about family, she tells me about my grandmother and I tell her about me and my family. She has the greatest sense of humor and can always make me laugh and smile. Although I have found a place to live (a cute house in Winter Park with two friends) I will be sad to leave her home as I cherish every minute I have spent with her as it’s been an absolute blessing to be her “roommate”.


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