Baby love, my baby love

It seems as all of my friends who were getting married a few years ago (while I was not) are now having children (while I am not). Coincidentally, in November two of my dear friends had a baby on the exact same day. One, in Mississippi, the most handsome little boy and one in South Carolina, the most beautiful little girl. Everytime they send me pics I ooh and ahh at how precious they are.

Here is Mr. Gavin, just so handsome. (I think I'll hold out the next 20 years for this little hunk!) ;-)

This is Ms. Payton Gabriella, who you will see a lot of one day -- look out Heidi Klum! ;-)

Ladies ( and daddies) I admire you for your courage to take on the toughest job you will ever endure (and for going through labor! you go girls!) and believe it or not envy you because I too plan to enjoy the joys of motherhood later (notice I said L-A-T-E-R, and I mean that mom) in life. I hear it involves less sleep than needed, less time for mom to eat and more for baby -- but wouldn't you say that these are minor tradeoffs for the love and amazing affection you feel for that little one? Yep. I thought so.


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