Boxes everywhere

I just got this great job in Orlando and I must say good-bye to the ATL. (Sad, I really like Atlanta.) But I'm so excited for the new adventures my job holds. I'm going to work for a bridal/travel magazine -- I'll still be covering fashion and beauty -- but I'll (hopefully) be doing more traveling with this position. I really can't wait to finish getting everything packed up, get there and get unpacked.

So tonight is New Year's and I have no big plans (gasp!) but with the move and everything I didn't know where I was going to be so I didn't make any. Tonight will be me, my dog, some wine and boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. Ah, what a way to "wrap up 2005" ;-) and ring in 2006. I'll be starting it off in a new state, new city, new job (oh, the irony!) and I'm really looking forward to it. So, I'll start documenting my adventures right here for you. That way all of my friends and family can keep up (if you care to) and also let me know what's new in your New Year.

So, back to packing. The champagne is chilling and the last hours of 2005 are ticking away.

Happy New Year!


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